Monthly Archives: July 2016

Going Gaga Over Almond Milk Latte

Ever wonder why some gourmet coffee lover always ask for almond milk latte nowadays? Whether served chilled or warm, almond milk café latte is touted to offer the calorie count and metabolic rate of the usual green smoothies that you so hate. This unique coffee drinking combo has become the “it” label. With astounding health […]

Hottest 4 Cup Coffee Maker: A Comparative Review

Today, most American households and offices rely on automatic drip coffee makers to energize their mornings and mid-afternoons. Convenient, programmable, fast and relatively easy to operate, these coffee makers definitely make the idea of making coffee both an art and sacred rite. Instead of the usual single or two- cup servers, most buyers tend to […]

Mocha Iced Coffee Recipe – A Perfect Summer Treat

Mocha iced coffee is one of the most favorite for coffee lovers. The challenge however, in crafting the best iced mocha coffee lies on the preparations. When you want to preserve the very flavor, aroma and texture of coffee, careful preparation is the key that will generate the best-tasting sensation. As a rule of thumb […]

2 Scrumptious Gluten Free Coffee Cake Recipe Weight watchers Love

So much has been said about the gluten-free diet in the past months. Apart from being popular among children with special needs and individuals with allergies, gluten-free is also known to be a wonder ally in losing weight. But losing the unwanted pounds doesn’t always have to feel like eating prison food. Here, we got […]

Caffé Latte vs Cappuccino – A Coffee Lover’s Woe

There is nothing more exhilarating than waking up to the smell of coffee as you begin your day. But amid the rising numbers of gourmet coffees out there, one still cannot help to choose the comforting flavors of latte and cappuccino. A little on the sweet side, these two flavors have sprinkled many coffeeholics lives […]