Monthly Archives: August 2016

Coffee and Cappuccino Cups: A Gift Giving Heaven

For busybodies, coffee is manna from heaven during overwhelming workloads. Many also cannot function effectively during the day without having a cup of Java beforehand. A catalyst drink, it delivers a solid punch of motivation for the body and mind to move forward even when all other limbs are screaming hard. Yes, coffee is a […]

Most Recommended Latte Machine Brands: A Comparative Review

It can quite overwhelming when deciding to buy a latte machine. With the number of brands and models available in the market today, it completely boggles the mind what to choose. But having a coffee machine that makes great caffe latte is just too overpowering to pass. Besides, there is certainly a machine for latte-loving […]

Finding the Best Coffee: Macchiato vs. Latte

Like a dose of energy, coffee kickstart many busybodies’ day by infusing caffeine into their system giving them that extra kick to do what they do best. However, the names and labels of coffee can be quite confusing. From macchiato vs latte to cappuccino, espresso, and what-have-you, these Italian-sounding names can truly make it all […]