The Fundamentals of An Energizing Cold Coffee Brew

For a prolific coffee drinker, the quest for the great-tasting coffee is a never-ending experience. Whether in the dead of winter or sweaty summer days the aroma and flavorful zing of cold coffee brew is always welcoming. Ever wonder what makes a good cold coffee brew and why it is loved by both hot and cold coffee drinkers?

Cold Coffee Brew vs. Iced Coffee

First, it is important to point that cold coffee brew is NOT iced coffee. This standard all-season drink called cold coffee brewing is an extraction method that relies on time rather than the extraction itself. Heat usually strips coffee ground of its sugars, oils, and caffeine—the tasty parts—during extraction. Cold coffee brewing is not the usual “brewing” per se. It is extracting coffee using room temperature water and then, storing them for a minimum of 12 hours and then, served either hot or cold.

To make great-tasting iced or hot coffee using the cold coffee brewing method, simply add 14 to 16 tablespoons of medium-roast, coarsely-ground coffee into your brewing kit. Add 32 ounces (or less/more depending on your taste) cold filtered water. Seal the airtight lid. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Store in the fridge overnight or at least 12 hours occasionally swirling infuser. That’s how you make concentrated coffee with a lot of zing!

Iced coffee, on the other hand, is just cooled down brewed coffee served with ice. This somehow makes iced coffee one of the recipes which can enjoy from this extraction method. Simply pour cold brew coffee concentrate and add milk over ice. Or if you want it how, mix 1 part coffee concentrate with 2 parts boiling water. Add sugar or honey or creamer and voila!

Top Cold Coffee Brewing Kit

Now is the time to pick your cold coffee brew machine. With hundreds of models out there, we have handpicked two of the highly recommended ones on Amazon today:

1. Takeya Cold Coffee Brew Maker


The Takeya Cold Coffee Brew Maker is one of the simplest, no-fuss machines in the market today. It delivers 1 quart or approximately 4 servings of astoundingly mouth-watering coffee. It features a fine mesh infuser for powerful extraction, a highly durable and versatile coffee maker body that can withstand rapid temperature changes making it a perfect tool for boiling hot to ice-cold coffee, non-slip grip, and an airtight seal that keeps your coffee fresh for up to 2 weeks. Seal is also leak-proof making it a great companion for those camping trips.

The Takeya Cold Coffee Brew Maker is so easy to store and maintain as it fits most refrigerator doors and is dishwasher safe. BPA free, easy to use, and budget-friendly, it is no wonder why reviews from actual users have hailed it as one of the “greatest coffee maker of flavorful coffee”. This also makes a great gift for special occasions like housewarming, weddings or birthdays. To buy, check out discounts and special perks from Amazon today!

For another budget-friendly cold coffee brew machine.

2. Toddy T2N Cold Brew System


Another excellent choice in cold coffee brew extraction is the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System. Designed with 67 percent less acid than conventional hot brewing methods, the T2N ensures to deliver great-tasting coffee meant to appease prolific drinkers who want more zing in their cups.

The patented cold brew system utilizes regular coffee beans and filtered water to extract super-smooth coffee which can last up to 3 weeks – that’s without the use of electricity. Each package features a glass decanter with airtight lid and nonslip handle, reusable filters, rubber stopper, instruction manual, and recipe guide.

Aside from preparing cold coffee brew, the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System can also be used for preparing tea. No wonder reviews from discerning customers touted it as a “more economical approach” and the perfect choice “for those who like great smelling and tasting coffee.” Again, this makes a great idea as a special occasion gift. To order, check out discounts and special perks on Amazon now.

Mouth-Watering Coffee


Cold coffee brew is a meticulous planner’s dream. It is one’s saving grace during surprise visits from overzealous coffee drinkers or when going on camping trips during the dog days of summer. But, hey, you can also serve it hot thus, making it a winter camping must-have. So if it is great-tasting coffee you want with reliable filtration and extraction, choose from either Takeya Cold Coffee Brew Maker or the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System. Set your stopwatch for a 12-hour countdown and you’ll have a crystalline mouth-watering brew while you’re chillin’. Buy from Amazon now!

The Fundamentals of An Energizing Cold Coffee Brew
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The Fundamentals of An Energizing Cold Coffee Brew
Want to get more out of your daily coffee devotion? Check out the wonders of cold coffee brew.

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