Easy Tips to Making the Best Americano Coffee Recipe

As the sweltering sun of summer slowly changes into the dreary cold of September, many coffee lovers are now turning their undivided attention to the la-la-land of espressos, lattes, machiatos, and so on. There is so much hype about coffee with major broadsheets delivering recipes as well as pointing out free marketing to their favorite cafes. While there are hundreds of variations coming out in the open, the popularity of the one-and-only Americano prevails.

So, how to make a great tasting Americano coffee recipe then?

What’s An Americano Coffee?

Caffe Americano, or simply Americano, is a coffee recipe that plays an espresso shot being watered down with hot water. During the two world wars, the Italian barista coined the term to make an approximation of the usual drip-coffee variety enjoyed by Americans in their home country. It predominantly contains less caffeine than the usual drip coffee and has become a staple in many cafes across the globe. One serving usually consists of 1 shot of espresso to 6 to 8 ounces of hot water. Today, iced Caffee Americano is also being offered by many coffeeshops.

Hot Americano

There are quite a number of Americano coffee recipes that sprouted over the years. Part of the reason is that many budget-savvy espresso machines are becoming readily available in the market place. This is quite timely as every Americano coffee recipe has espresso on it. To make your own:

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 ½ tablespoon espresso grounds
  • 8 ounces water (boiled or pre-heated)
  • water on espresso machine

What to Do:

  1. Prepare espresso ground coffee beans and make sure that the espresso machine has ample water to produce steam for the coffee.
  2. If your espresso machine does not have any option for hot water attachment, boil water on a stove or an electric kettle.
  3. Place the espresso ground beans and “tamp” it into the porte filter. Secure the porte filter on the espresso machine.
  4. Switch on the machine and allow the water to heat up.
  5. Prepare an espresso shot cup right at the beak of the porte filter. Allow espresso coffee to drip to it to about 2/3 full then, turn it off.
  6. While the espresso coffee is brewing, you also have the option to pre-heat a mug with 8-ounce water (or desired consistency; less water means more caffeine punch) in a microwave.
  7. Pour the espresso shot into the coffee mug with the preheated water or simply add desired water capacity from the kettle. Take note that the less water you pour in, the stronger the coffee.
  8. If it’s sweltering out there, you can always make iced Americano coffee.

Should you want something to cool you down, an iced Americano coffee may be a much better choice. Maintain the espresso-water ratio that you desire but instead of hot water, you can use filtered or distilled for a smoother texture. Instead of using a mug, convert into a tall glass with a handful of ice cubes. Pour the espresso-water mix into the ice and enjoy!

Drink It Up!

Drinking coffee is all about personalization. While traditional Americano coffee recipe is 90mL water and 60mL espresso, you have the freedom to tweak the ingredient’s proportion to suit your distinctive taste. Some add honey or sugar. Others also prefer adding cinnamon or flavored liquor. Whichever you prefer, drink it up to kickstart your day ahead!

Easy Tips to Making the Best Americano Coffee Recipe
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Easy Tips to Making the Best Americano Coffee Recipe
Fancy an Americano? Check out the easy yet tasty way of perfecting an Americano coffee recipe.

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