The Anatomy of Flavored Espresso Drink Recipes

espresso-drink-recipesTry visiting a favorite metro café and what do you usually observe? Flavored espresso drink recipes galore! Yes, what used to be just 7 (or 14 for double shot) grams of coarse coffee ground brewed at 13psi around 200-deg Fahrenheit has continually evolved in taste, style and dorm. Coffee lovers are continually on the lookout for new recipes all to satiate their changing tastebuds. While flavored espresso drinks abounds, what truly makes a great one?

The Main Variables

Before you go all excited on creating your own flavored espresso drink recipes, it is important to keep in mind the important variables like water, ground coffee beans, dose, tamp, temperature, and yield.

Like all things coffee, the type of coffee grind will matter a lot to the resulting taste of your concoction. Espresso coffee requires that you grind coffee beans at about the same size as that of table salt. You will need some 7g for a single shot and 14g for a double shot classic espresso—often, the main component in many flavored espresso drink recipes. In the same manner as your choice of coffee grind, your espresso recipe will only taste as good as the kind of water you use. Boiling tap water with all the sediments and unwelcome minerals will only discombobulate the perfect mesh of wet and dry ingredients to bring out the uniqueness of the drink.

While many take these for granted, tamp, dose, yield and temperature are crucial variables to making the best espresso-based coffee drinks. Programmable espresso machines make it easier to peg heated water at around 200-deg Fahrenheit and bring more “roasty” flavors of about 21g of coffee grind. The more coffee you add however, results to bolder and more intense taste. Tamping at around 30-pound press will also help create a more harmonious interaction between water and coffee grind.

You will also need technology when thinking of making flavored espresso drinks like Macchiato, Curtado, Black Russian, Espresso Martini, Café noisette, and many more. An espresso machine and an electric coffee grinder, for instance, will cut the efforts to a half in preparing those flavored espresso drink recipes. Two-spouted filters and bottomless portafilter, which comes with your choice of machine, and a perfectl-fitted tamper often makes a lot of difference in extracting espresso’s best taste.

Of course, don’t forget the weighing scale to measure your coffee grounds and deliver consistent results. A volumetric shot glass will also come handy to catch the golden liquid to start-off your flavorful concoction of espresso drinks.

Top Flavored Espresso Drink Recipes

While the numbers of flavored espresso drink recipes are growing in numbers, there are basic flavors to remember:

  • The Macchiato is either a single or double-based espresso drink. It means “stained” hence, an espresso with a touch of foam.
  • Wet or Dry – Cappuccino is traditionally done in thirds, that is, 1/3 espresso; 1/3 foam and 1/3 steamed milk. Milk and foam are often blended to create a creamier thicker texture. To create “bone dry cappuccino”, heavier foam will be required.
  • A latte, which also has hundreds of sub-categories, is primarily a third of espresso and 2/3 of hot milk with thin layer of foam normally where latte art is made.
  • Down Under, the thinnest foam layer is normally called “flat white” but still maintain 1/3:2/3 espresso to steamed milk ratio.
  • In between a latte and a macchiato is the ½ espresso and ½ foam-infused milk called “cortado”. This usually is served in a Gibraltar glass.
  • For chocolate lovers, the mocha’s perfect infusion of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, 1/6 cocoa and 1/6 foam makes all the difference. The mocha as it is known has also expanded with many variations over the years.
  • The Americano is another espresso-based flavorful recipe that delivers a strong bold kick. It usually consists of a double shot espresso and your preferred volume of hot fresh water.
  • In the dog days of summer, people also prefer their double shot espresso with hot water (ala Americano) and then topped it with ice cubes. Hence, the moniker—iced coffee.

Espresso Undressed

Over the years, the flavored espresso drink recipes have become more diverse and creative. The perfect blend of coffee and alcohol has gone mainstream creating a match made in heaven. Think about Espresso Martini, Pumpkin Spiced, Patron XO espresso coffee, Matcha espresso, Mojito espresso, vodka-infused espresso, Espresso Kahlua, and other cocktail-cum-coffee drinks that leave more excitement to your indulgent spirit. Truly, this is one coffee that keeps better with age!

The Anatomy of Flavored Espresso Drink Recipes
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The Anatomy of Flavored Espresso Drink Recipes
What makes good flavored espresso drink recipes? Learn it here.

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