10 Coffee Brewing Methods

Drinking coffee is more than just an experience. To many, it is a ritual that has become part and parcel of a lifestyle. While there are a number of modern devices that make preparation conveniently easy, there are certain coffee brewing methods which simply bring out the best in those precious coffee grounds. Being largely a personal experience, it is imperative that one learns the many coffee brewing methods to find his or her distinctive cup of Joe.

1. Chemex

For smoother texture and more robust flavor, the slow-cooker of coffee brewing methods is back in full throttle once again. Chemex is widely used in the 40s wherein hot water is poured into coffee grounds over a much thicker filter than the usual ones we have today. Keep in mind that water should stay between 180 to 200 degrees to acquire that distinctive taste.

2. French Press Coffee

Another classic coffee brewing methods, the French press also delivers that delectable jolt of caffeine in the wee hours of the morning. It’s so simple: place your desired amount of coarse coffee ground unto the pitcher, add hot water, steep for approximately 4 minutes then, push down the strainer to extract freshly done coffee. Careful with the cafestol level, though.

3. Cold Brewing Method

Almost in the same league as the French Press brewing technique, the cold brew method simply make use of cold water instead of the perfunctory hot or boiled water. The coffee grounds are also steeped for approximately 12 hours. This method brings out the most natural flavor of coffee leaving low acid content which individuals with heartburn or acid reflux hates. To make a hot cup, simply make your cold brew stronger then, add hot water.

4. Auto-Drip

Most homes make do with the usual “standard-drip” coffee brewing method these days. Done via programmable machines, it allows perfect infusion of water and coffee beans on an automated coffee chamber into a coffee pot or mug. Fast and easy, it’s only drawback is the absence of robustness as natural oils are normally absorbed by the filter.

5. Single-Serve

A cross between an auto-drip and instant coffee, the single serve brewing method delivers a multitude of flavor to enjoy. Comes with pods of pre-portioned coffee, often in different flavors, it can deliver a steaming cup in as fast as 3 minutes.

6. Siphoned Coffee

Sometimes called “vacuumed coffee”, this entails an elegant and scientific way of brewing coffee. It involves two chambers with one chamber filled with water. The bottom chamber is then, heated to pressurize the water to rise into the upper portion where the coffee grounds at. After mixing, the water gradually goes down into the lower chamber via a filter. The result: a robust awe-inspiring cup.

7. Aeropress Brewing

One of the most popular coffee brewing methods for its bold taste sans the sludge or bitter after-taste is the Aeropress. An inventive coffee-making system made a decade ago, it makes use of the process done in drip coffeemakers—only faster and more “hands on”. Simply put coffee grounds and water in the lower chamber. Press the upper chamber and the coffee then, goes through a fine filtration system into your cup.

8. Stove-Top Brewing

For many Italians and Spanish living in the US, stovetop coffee brewing using a moka pot or macchinetta designed by an Italian inventor, Luigi de Ponti, for Bialetti industries. The pot comes with three chambers: the bottom chamber is filled with water, the middle chamber for the coffee ground and filter, and the collection chamber on top. This uses steam pressure method to push perfectly brewed coffee on top. The Bialetti used to be the widely used method in brewing espresso.

9. Camper’s Coffee

Perfect for campers, backpackers, bike tours enthusiasts, and eternal adrenaline junkies, the “cowboy” or “campers” brew is one that makes outdoor adventure more enjoyable. Simply heat water and coffee beans together on a charcoal-grill or portable burner, sprinkle cold water prior to boiling point then, pour directly unto mugs. Flavorful and strong, it has the extra calories you’ll need for that long hike or ride ahead.

10. Instant Coffee

Instant coffee comes in hundreds of brands and flavors these days. Sometimes, it comes in a jar or in a single-serve stick for convenience. The idea is to simply mix your preferred measurement of the finely ground coffee and add hot water. Sugar may also be added or ice, if you want it cold.

Drink It Up!

In all these coffee brewing methods, one thing remains the same: drink up your cup the soonest it is ready to enjoy its optimal taste. You may also store it in an insulated thermos when traveling or going out. Before sipping a mouthful, sniff deeply on the aromatic swirl to fully enjoy the flavor of your brewed sensation.

10 Coffee Brewing Methods
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10 Coffee Brewing Methods
Do you wish to enjoy a cup of coffee? Here are coffee brewing methods to begin with.

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