Brazilian Bourbon Santos Coffee

Not everyone drinks coffee. Some go for the astounding goodness of Brazilian Bourbon Santos coffee—and that’s the big difference! It is known all over the globe that almost a third of the world’s coffee supply is grown and produced in Brazil. In fact, Brazil is known to be the world’s largest exporter of coffee.

Most gourmet coffee shops you find in New York, Paris, Milan, Zurich, Berlin, Hong Kong, Beijing, and other major cities across the hemisphere carry Brazil coffee beans in a variety of roast and flavor. But why do many always ask for a Brazilian Bourbon Santos Coffee?


The Brazil Bourbon Santos Coffee Advantage

If you care to scour deeper into your local gourmet coffee market, most high quality and most elegant espresso blends come from a Bourbon Santos. This is quite unique as this type of coffee are roasted darkly without turning exceedingly bitter.  This is due in part to the coffee beans being cultivated in low-level elevations at about 2000 to 4000 feet. This somehow produces robust and aromatic coffee beans when roasted but with low acidity level well-loved by millions.

Aside from low acidity levels, the bourbon is often dry-processed or dried inside the fruit. This method allows much of the fruit’s sweetness and distinctive taste carried straight into a waiting cup. Bourbon Coffee, by the way, comes from Arabica coffee native to Latin American soil. The highest grade of such coffee is labeled a category 2 and often, simply called Brazil Bourbon Santos Coffee.

Bourbon Santos coffee is also known for its organic and sustainable farming origins. As opposed to the past’s high yield system, today’s exports from the region are known for their high quality beans which are certified Fair Trade and Organic. This somehow guarantees that each flavorful aromatic pleasure in your cup comes with safety of the drinker in mind.

Top Brazilian Bourbon Santos Coffee

When thinking of the best Brazilian Bourbon Santos Coffee, the Kaffeine Koffee Dark Roast Brazilian Specialty comes to mind. Evenly roasted via state of the art technique, this coffee bean variety is known for its low acidity level. The roasting process itself strips away some 80 percent of the coffee’s acidity level leaving nothing but handcrafted produce that suit everyone’s taste for gourmet coffee in a cup.

It is best to remember that every pack of the Kaffeine Koffee Dark Roast Brazilian Specialty is roasted by a Master Roaster with more than 5 decades of track record in delivering artisan coffee beans. All Kaffeine Koffee products are also CCFO certified and accredited by Fair Trade practices. This guarantees each Arabica bean pack is 100 percent organic, pesticide-free, and GMO-free.

There are many ways to prepare the best cup of Kaffeine Koffee Dark Roast Brazilian Specialty. Simply generate coarse ground coffee and sling it into a good espresso maker or customary drip maker. For some households, a drip coffeemaker can come handy, too. Of course, artisan coffee drinkers most definitely prefer French Press Bourbon Santos coffee or via cold brew. Iced coffee is also one enjoyable option during summer.

The Good Cup


To a meticulous coffee-drinker, not just any coffee will do. A Brazilian Bourbon Santos coffee should be in every shelf and coffeemaker to fully enjoy a good cup. With this in mind, having a Kaffeine Koffee Dark Roast Brazilian Specialty is only fitting. Every pack is prepared with satisfaction in mind. To ensure safety, it is wise to order only from authorized retailers like Amazon. This also makes an excellent gift for special occasions.

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