10 Most Popular Coffee Flavors For 2017: Get Your Tastebuds On!

There is nothing more invigorating than starting your day with a good cup of glorious coffee. Straight black or creamy with swirls of hazelnut, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutty sensations, there are just so many ways to drink a cup to suit anyone’s quirky taste.

While funky flavors have evolved with the expansion of coffeeshop chains like Starbucks and Tim Horton’s over the years, there is just something deeply satisfying making your own brew at home. Without further ado, we have scoured the online community to bring you the most popular coffee flavors to excite your own senses.
1. Black Russian

Many people prefer to drink their coffee straight black with no other addition but hot water and a cup. Think about deliciously smooth and rich hot black liquid sliding down your throat to jumpstart your day. But why settle for less when you can put more kick to your black coffee.

Kahlua’s Black Russian Coffee delivers the perfect balance of the strong sensation of 100 percent Arabica coffee with a tinge of delicious vodka and chocolate-y flavor of Kahlua coffee liquer. If you want to taste coffee from its roots, a cup of Black Russian will definitely suffice.

2. French Vanilla


Aside from the usual black, one of the most popular coffee flavors is the French Vanilla. Perhaps, the most time-honored coffee flavor that has spanned decades and thousands of brands, it delivers the perfect mix of butterscotch, hazelnut and caramel to deliver the creamy flavor of vanilla custard.

Such is the essence of the New England Coffee French Vanilla in 11-ounce pack. Made from 100% Arabica coffee and naturally flavored with the creaminess of vanilla. To brew: simply use 1 heaping tablespoon of coffee ground on a 6-ounce of, preferably, cold water. Add ice cubes for that perfect afternoon break.


3. Coco Caramel Crunch



Sweet and delicious, coco-caramel crunch is the perfect partner to your favorite biscotti. This Kauai Coco-Caramel Crunch flavored Coffee, however, is quite unique. Aside from the saccharine fusion of coconut and caramel, it has a hint of roasted macadamia nutty flavor to deliver that cool island vibe. Exotically decadent, this 100 percent Arabica beans will make the best cup at medium roast.

4. Honey Macadamia



When it comes to a unique blend of coffee, the nutty taste one gets from perfectly roasted coffee beans can be truly a delight to the senses. The creamy light texture of macadamia nuts continually made it the top addition in chocolate bars and now, it has moved to the world of coffee blends to everyone’s delight.

When it comes to this flavor, the Royal Kona Honey Macadamia Nuts 7oz (198g) is an excellent choice. Made from quality beans and 10 percent blend of Kona coffee, each cup delivers the fusion of nutty macadamia and wild honey. Bring to a medium roast for that after-dinner coffee.

5. White Chocolate Strawberry Truffle


What do you get when you mix chocolate, strawberry and coffee in a cup? Divine self-indulgence! The 227-gram Royal Kona Coffee White Chocolate Strawberry Truffle is definitely worth every penny and dime. Elegant yet savory, it perfectly fuses the mild sweetness of white chocolate, garlicky truffle and the mild tartness of strawberry complimented with richness of Kona coffee beans. This makes a great highlight during dessert time.

6. Chocolate Mocha


Coffee and chocolate have always go a long way. Add mocha flavor to the fray—and you are in for an astounding coffee-drinking journey. The 12-ounce Gevalia Chocolate Mocha Roast-and-Ground Coffee is a perfect choice when it comes to this awesome flavor. The perfect fusion of dark chocolate, medium-roasted Arabica coffee, and milk delivers a rich and smooth punch so sinfully decadent you forget about calories.

7. Peanut Butter Cookie



Absolutely scrumptious! If you are one of those who like their coffee so smooth it doesn’t bite the tongue, this flavorful coffee is for you. Warm and endearing, the richness of peanut butter coffee touches the tip of your tongue in every sip. Of all the coffee brands out there though, Folgers Gourmet Selections Peanut Butter Cookie Flavored Coffee comes highly recommended.

8. Toasted Pecan

Yet another nutty sensation, this coffee blend is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite pecan pie. Rich and buttery, this 100% Arabica coffee beans hit just where your tastebuds and olfactories make the most sensation. One great thing about theCameron’s Coffee Toasted Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee in 12-ounce pack is there precision blending component of 100 percent Arabica coffee beans roasted and ground in small batches then, vacuum-packed to deliver a certain freshness any devoted coffee drinker will love best.
9. Cinnamon Swirl


Do you know that combining cinnamon and coffee is nothing but pure genius? Cinnamon is known to deliver a huge impact on the brain’s function making it one of the best creative boosters. It makes no wonder that the Stone Street Coffee Company Cinnamon Swirl Fresh Roasted Coffee straight from Brooklyn’s granary continue to deliver that fantastic punch. Made from 100 percent Colombian Arabica, this 1-pound or 65-cup coffee blend boasts of a perfect fusion of sweet sensation, holiday spices and alluring aroma. One good cup can keep your memory and creativity on hyperdrive.

10. All-In-One


Still undecided? Why not get all of the most popular coffee flavors in one box? The Coffee Beanery Indulgent Selection Gift Box is definitely a must have. Each box comes with the following flavors: Caramel, Colombian Supremo, Sinful Sundae, Caramel Pecan Pie, Chocolate Raspberry, Hazelnut, Breakfast Blend, Crème Brulee, Amaretto, English Toffee and Cream, Hawaiian Coconut, and Beanery original blend. This gift box has no duplicate blends allowing you distinct coffee flavor in each pack.

Brew Your Own Flavored Coffee

Bottom line is: You can now make your own gourmet coffee at home. With the most popular coffee flavors listed above, you can finally enjoy a decadent cup you usually buy at exorbitant price in a nearby gourmet coffeeshop. Not only will you save more money by brewing your own coffee blend, it also allows you to control the thickness according to your taste. Cheers!

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