Top 5 DIY Coffee Gift Ideas Everyone Loves

It’s easy to simply grab something from a store’s shelves and gift-wrapped it in glittering paper! But gift-giving too coffee devotee is an entirely different fashion. If you plan to give something that will be felt by the heart of a known coffee maniac, like the ones with a complete kitchen coffee theme, it is wisest to go the personalized-handcrafted route. Apart from being heartfelt,  these DIY coffee gift ideas will make the receiver feel more special with just the amount of efforts you put into action.

Here are 7 easy-to-do coffee gift-giving ideas to begin with:

1. Hand-Painted Mugs

Unleash your inner Van Gogh and style a coffee mug the way a receiver would have wanted it. Choose his or her favorite colors, designs or quotes. Believe it or not, all you need is a plain mug, a set of oil-based Sharpie Paint Pens from Amazon, and an oven. You may also add scrapbook stickers to sass to your design. To make this, simply design the mug according to your own creative prowess or simply copy something out of a drawing book. Feel free also to use a scrapbook sticker and design the mug all you want. Remove the sticker and then, bake it in an oven. You may also do the same to your wine glasses, mason jars, and pretty much everything else. Cool!



2. Fabric Encased Coffee Cup

Don’t just grab one from Starbucks or Tim Horton’s. Make one yourself! Turn an office coffee cup into something fabulous by simply adding these gorgeous RayLineDo 60-Piece Printed Patchwork Bundle in Cotton Fabric. All you need are: old or new photo coffee cup, glue, and fabric of your choice. Dismantle the cup and remove the paper within. Replace and secure the cotton fabric in place of the paper design. Choose pre-cut fabrics if you must to lessen the efforts. You can make 10 or 20 more and use it as party giveaways, too!


RayLineDo 60-Piece Printed Patchwork Bundle in Cotton Fabric (10x10cm)

3. Coffee Soap

Coffee soap is another excellent DIY coffee gift idea embraced by many. There are so many online tutorials nowadays, but this one from YouTube is gaining quite a following. It makes use of both vanilla and coffee to deliver a relaxing feel. Soap-making, though tedious to look at, is entirely easy to make. You can buy a whole kit and simple add your favorite coffee ground and vanilla essential oil. You can add a different essential oil of your choice. To add more style, choose different soap molds like this 16-pack LoveS Food-grade Silicone Soap Molds from Amazon.


4. Coffee Body Scrub

Another popular coffee gift idea today is a DIY body scrub. Coffee is known to contain antioxidants which can be harnessed to help exfoliate the skin, remove cellulite, and eliminate scars or stretch marks while leaving feeling refreshed. It also helps improve circulation, invigorate the mind, and keep you energized all day long. All you need to have is your favorite coffee grounds as well as melted coco oil and brown sugar. For an organic feel, choose 100 percent organic Arabica coffee like this one from New York Jo. Add brown sugar and mix thoroughly with melted coconut oil. Store inside an airtight glass mason jar and slide a personalized tag on top, and voila!


5. Coffee Flavored Candle

Don’t you just like lighting some scented candles to de-stress after a day’s toilsome work grind? Deliver a Zen-like gift with DIY coffee-flavored candles. All you need to have are beeswax, wicks, clean can or heat-resistant glass, boiling pot, strainer, jar, clothespin, used coffee grounds or stale coffee beans, and preferred essential oil. You can check out this coffee candle-making tutorial HERE. To save, use whatever items you have at home as substitute to the things needed or buy a candle-making complete kit like this .


Indeed, there is nothing more exciting than giving handcrafted gifts. It makes one simple act of giving truly more personalized and heartfelt. Get into deep with these 7 DIY coffee gift ideas. Buy your supplies now!



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